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Trip & Fall Accidents

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At Injury Justice Law Firm, we specialize in representing individuals who get injured in trip and fall accidents due to cracked, defective, or dangerous sidewalks, uneven pavements, or mis-striped parking lots.

Oftentimes, unsuspecting pedestrians step into traps expecting to find a flat, even surface only to feel a slope, a tilt, or worse yet, to trip over an object negligently left behind by a company, entity, or contractor whose job it was to create a safe walking surface.

If you or your loved one fell and got injured as a result of such a defect, the attorneys at Injury Justice can help with getting medical treatment. We will vigorously advocate on your behalf to allow you to focus on your health while obtaining the maximum possible recovery in your case.

Don't wait! Time is often of the essence, as the sidewalks and other public areas are maintained by the city, and are therefore subject to the shorter statute of limitations.

In our experience handling trip and fall injury cases in California, we have developed unique expertise and relationships with reputable experts in the field, allowing us to devise creative strategies to maximize the potential outcome as quickly and efficiently as possible. We prepare every case as if it was going to trial. Because if you want peace, you have to be ready for war.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trip & Fall Accidents

I tripped over uneven pavement on the sidewalk and broke my leg. Who is responsible for my injuries?

Generally speaking, property owners are liable for injuries on land they own, possess, control, or maintain. Oftentimes, numerous parties are having some sort of connection to the premises where the injury occurred.

For instance, the City might own the piece of land, but a general contractor was recently hired to perform work on the pavement, and there was a management company that was charged with supervising the project.

Therefore, you have at least three entities that you have a potential claim against. It is important to keep track of all parties, as different statutes of limitations will apply to public and non-public entities.

Also, you have to make sure that you can state a viable theory of liability against each party involved for your claim to be successful. For instance, if the contractor performed the work, and the city inspected and accepted the finished project, liability shifts to the city under the Completed and Accepted Doctrine.

You must hire an experienced premises liability attorney to investigate and develop all theories of liability against every party in your case to maximize your recovery and get you and your family full and fair compensation.

I broke my arm in a parking lot by tripping over a concrete wheel stop which was partially obstructed by the blue stripes of the handicapped access aisle. Do I have a case?

Determining whether or not there is a liability in cases of dangerous and defective parking lots may often be challenging for the self-represented litigant. The property management may claim that the condition was open and obvious, that had you simply kept your eyes on the road, you would not have tripped.

Do not let yourself get intimidated! In cases of mis-striped parking lots and handicapped access isles and ramps, defects hidden within the bright blue, yellow, or green stripes may present traps – dangerous conditions clothed with a deceptive appearance of safety.

Case law in these scenarios is well-settled. A pedestrian making normal use of the public sidewalk has a right to assume that it is in a reasonably safe condition, and while you must use reasonable care for your safety, you are not required to keep your eyes fixed on the ground or to be on the constant lookout for danger.

The danger of this trap is also amplified by the fact that it is located within the diagonal cross-hatching of the handicapped access isle. Diagonal marking is commonly utilized in architectural and engineering graphics to represent uniform or homogenous surfaces or sections.

We, as pedestrians, have been thoroughly conditioned to view the areas marked with such cross-hatching to be safe and even walking surfaces.

So an object hidden within the confines of the isle's safe harbor will be that much more dangerous to the pedestrian, who is relying on the safety zone marked off by the cross-hatching.

I fell off a flight of stairs shattering my pelvic bone. I need surgery but the apartment complex where I fell is denying my claim. What can I do?

The first thing to do in any kind of premises liability case where a serious injury, such as a fracture, is involved is to contact a personal injury attorney experienced in handling trip and fall cases.

At Injury Justice Law Firm, we perform a thorough investigation and evaluation of every case to determine the parties at fault, theory of liability, and potential damages. Oftentimes, the party at fault with deny claims, lowball, or altogether ignores self-represented litigants.

It is never a good idea to fight this battle alone. Chances are, this is your first, and hopefully only premises liability case. Just like with everything else in life, there are a lot of nuances that you might not know about. Our lawyers have handled hundreds of premises liability cases. Retaining skilled and experienced counsel is essential to the success of your case.

We Seek Compensation For The Losses You Have Suffered

With that said, in any trip and fall case, you must be able to point to the cause of your fall. Was it a slippery banana peel left on the stairwell? Did you trip over a broken step? What exactly caused you to fall? A fall, in and of itself, is not a basis for liability.

You need to make note of and document the dangerous condition to the best of your ability as soon as possible after the fall, make an incident report, and contact a professional Los Angeles personal injury right away to maximize your chances of success.

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