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Pregnancy complications for a mother-to-be following a car accident can have devastating consequences. Injuries carry a wide variety of risks to a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. It is essential to seek medical attention immediately after a car accident.

The emotional strain could result in physical conditions affecting an otherwise healthy pregnancy. After a car accident, it's not uncommon for a pregnant woman to sustain bumps, bruises, cuts, and external bleeding. More serious car accidents could cause major back injuries and concussions.

The force of the impact can place a significant risk to the unborn child as they can be jolted around inside the womb. An injured fetus could go undetected if the pregnant mother believes she did not sustain any injuries in the car accident.

If the pregnant mother does not experience any symptoms following the accident, it's not uncommon for them to think everything is fine. It's also not unusual that injuries to an unborn baby may not be immediately apparent.

Some car accident injuries could take days or even weeks to manifest.

Separation of placenta is commonly known as placental abruption, which is a severe threat to an unborn baby. Additionally, a car accident can cause the pregnant mother to bleed or have a miscarriage.

Even a minor rear-end collision can result in premature labor or uterine contractions. Therefore, a pregnant car accident victim needs to see a doctor for an evaluation immediately. The physical impact and the psychological stress of the accident can cause some of the following severe consequences for a pregnant victim:

  • Miscarriage – one of the worst results of a car accident is a miscarriage. Losing a baby is a severe emotional event and can also be physically traumatic. The common symptoms of a pregnant woman losing her unborn baby include pelvic cramps and vaginal bleeding. At certain stages of pregnancy, some bleeding is common. However, when the pain and bleeding occur after a car accident, it could be the first sign of a miscarriage. Another symptom a pregnant woman might experience is a severe ache in the lower part of her back.
  • Premature Birth – a baby born before 37 weeks is considered premature as the pregnancy needs to be close to 40 weeks for the infant to develop all their organs and other vital systems fully. Any baby born before 26 weeks can have serious health issues. Premature babies typically require costly medical treatments in an intensive care unit. In some cases, a premature baby can suffer long-term disabilities.
  • Placental Abruption – the placenta connects a mother to her baby with a firm attachment to her uterine wall. It's a vital lifeline that transfers food and oxygen to the unborn baby. The impact of a car accident can cause a separation of the placenta. Unfortunately, this could be a fatal event. Symptoms include vaginal bleeding and could induce preterm labor. The pregnant woman could get dizzy and faint if the bleeding is heavy.

Other consequences for a pregnant mother to experience after a car accident include internal bleeding, hemorrhaging, congenital disabilities, and stillbirth. The expectant mother should consult with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at our law firm as soon as possible after a car accident.

Seeking Compensation For Your Injuries

If you are a pregnant mother involved in a car accident caused by another driver, you need to seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer.

We will need to closely review the details of your case to take immediate action so that you can receive fair treatment for your injuries.

You are entitled to full compensation for the stress and mental anguish that result from the trauma and the long-term suffering due to the resulting pregnancy and birth complications, developmental issues with the child, or, in especially severe cases, loss of the baby.

At Injury Justice Law Firm, you will find skilled and compassionate personal injury lawyers to help you navigate the legal landscape.

Whether it is paying for additional healthcare and hospital costs due to pregnancy complications or securing life care for the child down the road, our attorneys will aggressively fight on your side to get you and your loved ones the maximum compensation.

Do not put your and your family's future at risk. Call us at 310-734-7974 for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation.

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