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Electrical Accidents

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Electrocution is caused by an electric shock from exposure to high voltage electricity.  Even a small electrical current can cause fibrillation of the heart, while larger currents could cause serious burns and cellular damage.

The severity of the electrocution injuries will depend on different factors. These include the amount of voltage, duration of contact, a pathway through the body, among others.  

Electrocution injuries are not the most common type of injury, but official statistics show that dozens of people are lethally injured after contacting sources of electricity and hundreds of others are severely injured every year.

If you have suffered an electrocution injury due to someone's negligence, it can often lead to serious consequences to your personal and professional life.

Since electrical accidents are not common, you will need a Los Angeles personal injury attorney with extensive experience in handling injury claims in these types of accidents. Our law firm understands how to investigate and litigate complex lawsuits.

If you or a family member have suffered an electrical injury, you could be eligible for monetary compensation for your losses. Depending on the specific circumstances of your injury, our lawyers will identify all potentially liable parties.

This could include the manufacturer of a product, the owner of the property where the injury occurred, and others.

How do Electrocutions Happen?

For people in a workplace, an electrical accident can be due to an unsafe working condition or defective tools. For individuals working on different construction sites, the risk of being injured due to an electrical accident is more apparent.  

In many cases, workers are traumatized due to bad quality products, tools that were not properly installed, and sheer negligence of employers.

You don't have to be an electrician or a construction worker to suffer an electrocution injury. At home, many electrical accident injuries occur from malfunctioning products, such as power tools or appliances.

A faulty installation of a product could also cause electrocution. In electrical injury cases, multiple parties could be held liable. These include electrical part manufacturers, building owners, and others.  

Electrocution injuries can lead to severe burns, irregular heartbeat and cardiovascular injury, lung damage, scarring, and eye and ear damage.  Secondary injuries could also be a serious issue that occurs from a fall after being electrocuted.  Electrocutions may even lead to wrongful death.

Types of Electrical Accident Cases We Handle

There are a variety of California laws that can help a victim of an electrical accident receive compensation.

These include premises liability laws, product liability laws, and negligence and personal injury laws. It is important to understand that there are many different kinds of possible electrical injury cases. We are capable of handling:

  • Accidents that take place during construction. These are the most common electrical injury cases and often from heavy machinery. It will be necessary to establish who is responsible for the injury in the first place.
  • Injuries caused by defective wires.  In some electrocution cases, the only party that needs to be held liable is the manufacturer of the wires, since their products didn't comply with safety standards.
  • Lack of warning. The absence of a proper warning is not an acceptable safety standard.  Electrical sources need to come with the proper labeling or the employees need to receive a warning beforehand.
  • Power lines electrical accidents. These types of electrocution accidents can occur because of a malfunctioning power line. It will be necessary to determine exactly what kind of an accident you are dealing with.
  • Contractor's negligence. Some employers tend to neglect the most basic safety precautions and many people suffer an electrical injury as a result.

Contact Our Injury Lawyers for a Case Review

Victims of electrocution are often facing a very painful and lengthy road to recovery. They will frequently face overwhelming medical expenses, permanent disability, and loss of income.  

If you or a family member have been injured in an electrical accident due to negligence of another party, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer to review the details.  

When you call our office, our attorneys will take all the necessary time to listen to all the specific details of your situation and then provide an honest assessment of the legal merits of your case.

If we determine there are sufficient grounds for a personal injury lawsuit, our lawyers will aggressively pursue a fair settlement for your injuries.  In electrical injury cases where the responsible party refuses to pay fair compensation,  our law firm is not afraid to take them to court.

To receive maximum compensation, you will need a lawyer who is capable of filing a case against an individual, group of individuals, or a company that needs to be held liable for your injuries. We will investigate all the evidence to point out the liable party.

There are always witnesses who have seen what occurred. The site of the accident will need to be inspected by qualified and experienced electricians and all the equipment that was involved in the accident will need to be inspected as well.

All cases are taken on contingency. This means if we do not win your case, you pay us nothing.  If you have been injured in an electrical accident, call our office at 310-734-7974 for a free case evaluation.

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