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School Accidents

Financial Recovery for School Accidents and Negligent Supervision

When a child is injured in a school accident, our job as personal injury lawyers is to hold school administrators and teachers accountable for their negligent supervision and failure to protect a child from a preventable injury.

Los Angeles School Accident Injury Attorney
If you child was inured at school due to negligence, you can pursue a claim for compensation.

Every day, parents put their trust in the hands of school staff to protect their children. Unfortunately, school employees don't always hold up their end of the bargain.

Many students suffer personal injuries due to the negligence of teachers, school staff, and school district administrators.

Few parents take the steps necessary to file claims and receive compensation for damages incurred by their children.

If your child experienced an injury at school, you may be able to sue the school district. Litigating against Los Angeles schools is no easy feat.

You'll need an attorney by your side to navigate this complex process. We will guide you through the steps to successfully file a claim and receive compensation.

Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are providing readers with a detailed review below.

When Can You Sue a School in California 

California, like other states, protects schools from lawsuits through sovereign immunity.

Sovereign immunity means that citizens cannot sue the government and its entities without consent.

While parents of children in private schools don't have to worry about this, sovereign immunity can impact lawsuits against public schools.

The California Torts Claims Act provides the regulations for sovereign immunity. The CTCTA Article 2 states that individuals may sue public entities for civil liabilities under the following grounds:

  • injuries caused by an act of omission of an independent contractor of the public entity;
  • injuries caused by an act of omission of an employee;
  • injuries caused by failure to discharge the mandatory duty to protect against the risk of a particular kind of injury;

California law requires schools to take reasonable steps to protect their students from injury.

School districts can be liable for student injuries when employees fail to supervise them.

If your child experienced a school accident, you must consult with a California personal injury attorney right away.

The California statute of limitations requires accident victims to file personal injury claims against schools within six months, or they will deny the claim.

Common California School Accidents

There is no shortage of school accidents that qualify for a personal injury claim.

As long as you can show the school is liable for your child's injuries, you can sue a school district in Los Angeles.
Here are some of the common reasons why parents sue schools for accidents:

  • bullying — failing to supervise students leading to physical or emotional distress to a child;
  • school bus accidents — negligent driving that leads to an accident or physical injuries;
  • sports injuries — school-sponsored activities that lead to injuries that fall outside the normal assumption of risk;
  • slip and fall accidents — unsafe conditions that lead to physical injuries, such as a playground;
  • discrimination — failing to protect students from sexual, racial, religious, or disability discrimination;
  • sexual misconduct — negligence that leads to sexual harassment or abuse defined by Title IX;
  • food poisoning — providing students with unsafe cafeteria food that leads to illness.

How to Sue a School in Los Angeles

Although many parents have successfully sued school districts, you must follow procedures in your school accident lawsuit. Your first step is to contact our California accident lawyers.

How to Sue a School in Los Angeles for Negligence
You can pursue compensation to cover the cost of medical bills, rehabilitation, and more.

Our experienced attorneys can review the facts of the accident and determine whether you have a winnable case. We can also identify compensatory damages related to the accident.

In California, personal injury lawsuits can lead to compensation for victims.

You can pursue compensatory damages to cover economic costs related to an accident, such as:

We will help you determine the damages before you file a claim. Once you have consulted with an attorney, you must file a claim with the school district.

The claim typically includes details like the time, date, location, injuries, and accident circumstances.

Personal injury claims also include a list of damages and the compensation requested. The school district will review the claim and either agree to pay the requested damages or reject the claim.

If the school district rejects your claim, your attorney will facilitate filing a lawsuit and help you take the next steps.

Personal Injury Lawyers for California School Accidents

Did your child sustain an injury in a school accident due to negligent supervision?

Our personal injury lawyers provide representation for children and families who experienced an injury at schools by holding those who are responsible accountable.

Many children in Los Angeles suffer from avoidable injuries due to the negligence of school districts and their staff. Unfortunately, families do not always get the compensation or justice they desire.

Personal Injury Lawyers for California School Accidents
Contact our office for a free case evaluation.

Pursuing litigation against a school has numerous barriers. You must use experienced accident lawyers to ensure you get what you deserve.

We work on contingency fees, which means you pay nothing to prepare and present your claim unless you make a financial recovery. If there is no recovery, we don't earn a fee.

Injury Justice Law Firm are top-rated personal injury lawyers that serve clients throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.

We aggressively pursue compensation in school accident cases. We consult with our clients with no upfront costs.

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