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Traumatic Brain Injury

Recovering Compensation for Traumatic Brain Injury in California

Have you or a family member suffered a traumatic brain injury in California through the careless or reckless actions of someone else? If so, you could eligible to receive financial compensation for your injuries through a personal injury lawsuit.

California Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney
If you suffered a traumatic brain injury, you may be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the worst injuries one can suffer in a motor vehicle accident or other trauma.

While broken bones generally heal, damaged brain cells may not heal for a long time, if ever. And when one's mind is not working as it should, then life will not work as it should.

Brain injuries come in many different forms and can impact every aspect of your life. Victims often have to deal with a lifetime of financial, physical, and emotional struggles.

A catastrophic brain injury presents a wide range of challenges that make it difficult to maintain the quality of life the individual had before the accident.

A brain injury can be debilitating mentally, emotionally, socially, and vocationally.

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys aggressively litigate traumatic brain injury claims.

Why Brain Injuries Happen So Often

The CDC calls traumatic brain injury a major cause of U.S. deaths and disability. Brain injuries happen a lot, especially in:

They also occur in other events that involve sudden acceleration and deceleration.

You don't have to suffer a skull fracture, or any external laceration and bleeding to suffer a brain injury. You don't even have to hit your head.

Why Traumatic Brain Injuries Happen So Often
Serious motor vehicle accidents are one of the major causes of traumatic brain injuries in California.

A sudden motion of the head, back and forth or side to side, if severe enough, can alone produce traumatic brain injury or TBI, also known as closed-head injury or CHI.

The brain has millions of tiny cells with delicate branch-like extensions along which signals travel from cell to cell.

The brain is soft tissue, while the inside of the skull, containing the brain, is hard and with bony spikes.

Vehicle collisions fall, and other trauma can accelerate and decelerate the soft brain within the skull, causing the brain to bounce off the skull's hard structure.

In the worst cases, the trauma produces internal bleeding that can lead to skull pressure and death. But the severe disruption of brain cells can occur even in cases without obvious bleeds or internal pressure.

The Challenge of Proving a Traumatic Brain Injury

Proving a traumatic brain injury can be challenging. The TBI sufferer may, to the untrained eye, look entirely normal.

Microscopic injury to brain cells may not show up on routine imaging.

Family members and friends of the person suffering TBI may wonder what happened when nothing looks too wrong.

Even physicians can miss the diagnosis if unfamiliar with the medical presentation.

But neuropsychological and other TBI testing is possible to confirm the difficult diagnosis.

While healing the injury is at best a matter of time, given that many TBIs are permanent, regimens are available to help the TBI sufferer adjust to the frightening symptoms.

The CDC reports that those symptoms can include:

  • headaches,
  • sleeplessness,
  • vision distortion
  • confusion,
  • lack of concentration,
  • balance issues,
  • spatial disabilities,
  • depression, and
  • other crippling conditions.

Counsel's Critical Role Representing TBI Claimants

Our preeminent personal injury attorneys know the frequency, dynamics, and anatomy of brain injuries.

We have represented many seriously injured clients with mild-to-severe brain injuries, recovering for them the full value of their claims despite the difficulty in proof.

We also know how to locate, retain, and present qualified TBI clinicians and experts to testify to the TBI diagnosis and its resultant disability.

Lawyers inexperienced in TBI cases may, like family members, friends, and even some physicians, misunderstand the nature and severity of a TBI injury.

Don't let that happen to you or your loved one suffering from traumatic brain injury.

If you or your family member or friend suspect a TBI injury from a motor vehicle accident or another traumatic event, then consult and retain our premier injury lawyers.

What Makes a TBI Claim

Proving Fault. To recover from a traumatic brain injury, the claimant must first show that the defendant owed the claimant a duty of care but breached that duty causing the injury.

In motor vehicle accidents, that proof usually involves evidence of the defendant driver's excessive speed, failure to yield, or ignoring traffic signs and lights.

But California's traffic safety code has many other provisions on which a claimant can rely, even if the defendant driver did not receive a ticket. And any violation of a standard of care will do, even if not in the traffic code.

What Makes a Traumatic Brain Injury Claim?
To make a financial recovery for a brain injury, it must be proven a duty of care was breached.

Proving Causation. In the usual accident case involving broken bones, lacerations, and other apparent injuries, proving that the accident caused the injuries is straightforward.

In traumatic brain injury cases, though, proving causation generally requires medical expert testimony both as to the TBI diagnosis and its accident cause.

Our top-rated lawyers know how to reconstruct the accident to prove the defendant's fault and what medical experts to retain to testify to the TBI diagnosis and accident causation.

Making a Recovery. But winning full compensation in a TBI case takes more than medical knowledge.

It also requires knowledge of insurance policies, insurance law, and vehicle owner liability.

When you retain our personal injury lawyers, the defendant's insurer knows that you intend a full recovery.

Insurers do not pay claimants full value unless they believe the claimant has advocates who can win full value.

Our attorneys have not only the skill and experience but also the reputation to obtain a full recovery for you.

Retain The Best California Injury Lawyers

Our personal injury attorneys will investigate, evaluate, prepare, and present your traumatic brain injury claim with no fee unless and until you recover.

Retain The Best California Brain Injury Lawyers
Call our injury attorneys to review the details of your case.

Hire the top-rated lawyers you can trust to recover your TBI claim's full value.

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