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Injury Justice Lawyers In Words Of Our Clients

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

Our personal injury lawyers provide aggressive legal representation for clients who have been hurt in accidents caused by the negligence of others. Every day, innocent people in Los Angeles are hurt in accidents as a direct result of other people’s carelessness and negligent acts. In many cases, victims of these accidents experience tremendous pain and suffering, lose income from being unable to work, incur thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and may be dealing with significant damage to their property. Victims may even be looking at a lifetime of missed opportunity and permanent disability, all because of someone else’s negligence. Fortunately, California law allows victims to recover compensation for these and other losses after a preventable accident. While no amount of money can change the past, it can certainly help victims manage the financial costs associated with an accidental injury and help them feel that those responsible for their injuries have been held accountable.

At Injury Justice Law Firm, our accident lawyers are dedicated to aggressively protecting the rights of people who have been hurt by the negligence of others know how to get insurance companies to pay up. In addition, if we are unable to reach a satisfactory settlement offer in a particular case, we will not hesitate to take a case to trial to make sure our clients are able to recover for their losses.  At our law firm, an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer with top credentials has established a reputation as trustworthy, tenacious and skilled advocate for our clients, and is redefining the practice of personal injury law. We are a boutique law firm where our mission is to ensure that injured victims and families receive the maximum financial compensation they are entitled and make sure the party responsible is held accountable for their misconduct or negligence. Injuries caused by preventable accidents can often leave the victim with life-changing consequences, including financial, physical and emotional hardships. After sustaining an injury, it’s critical to consult with a proven attorney who has a track of success with personal injury claims in California.

What Our Clients Are Saying About US

Very competent and professional personal injury attorney. I contacted Inna Gorin for a personal injury case that happened overseas. Inna impressed me with her professionalism and poise. She took time to do the research and communicate clearly with me every step of the way. She was able to negotiate a great payout. I was very pleased with her services! – Alisa M.

Reputable lawyer. I couldn’t be more thankful for having found Inna. After my car accident I was at a total loss. No car, injured and dealing with a non-responsive insurance company. Not only did she recover the money for my car but she directed me towards some amazing doctors. I couldn’t have done it without her. I wouldn’t look any further if you need a personal injury lawyer. She gets the job done! – Bethany N.

Top notch attorney with attention to detail! Where do I begin–Inna did an amazing job! She was on top of her game and got me a settlement for more than what I expected. Her follow-up with the defendant’s insurance company, in obtaining a fair and just settlement, was on par with what all attorneys should strive for–getting the most for their clients!! By the way, I referred her to a friend of mine who also needed an injury n attorney. Inna did an amazing job as well! – George R.

I got in a car accident where I was rear-ended and had no idea what to do. My neck was hurting and I instantly had a headache. I started calling around that afternoon for accident and injury attorneys that I had found online. Inna was the only one to get back to me. Also, they scheduled a time to meet up the next day. Btw, it was a holiday. They guided me through the entire process where I was able to get the proper medical treatment for my neck and back injuries and handled the difficult insurance agencies. They recovered 100% of the money that was owed. Not only that, Inna and her team are wonderful people to work with. Very trustworthy. I felt like I was in good hands the entire process. Best phone call I could have made! If not, I would have been out of a car and still injured. Thank you! – Brittany S.

Common Personal Injury Cases Our Law Firm Takes

The term personal injury defines a broad category of legal issues that may require legal assistance from an injury lawyer. Our Los Angeles personal injury law firm has provided our clients in southern California with the legal representation required to obtain the maximum recovery possible under the law. Our personal injury attorneys have been able to achieve success in a variety of fields in personal injury cases, including car accidents, rear-end accidents, t-bone accidents, DUI accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall, wrongful death, construction accidents, traumatic brain injuries, concussion, whiplash injury, spine injuries, back injuries, premises liability, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), among others. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers accept qualified cases on contingency fee basis, meaning our clients will never have to pay our attorneys until we are successful in recovering money and damages for your injuries. In every case, we take the time to fully evaluate the way in which an accident occurred in order to determine whether a person has a legal claim. In some cases, this may involve the use of accident reconstruction specialists, medical experts, or other specialized consultants in order to get the bottom of why an accident occurred.

Under California personal injury laws, victims of serious injuries that were caused by negligence or intentional acts of other individuals are legally entitled to just compensation for all their losses. Some of the losses that may be recovered in an injury civil lawsuit include, all current medical and health related expenses, future medical and rehabilitation expenses, lost wages and loss of future income due to an inability to work, pain and suffering, punitive damages, and more.

How a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Recover Compensation

As an accident victim, you may be wondering how exactly retaining a lawyer will help you, particularly if the insurance company has already made a settlement offer. It is important to understand that insurance companies are more concerned with their profits then they are with your well-being and will do everything they can to in order to pay out as little as possible. As a result, it is imperative for accident victims to have an idea of what their case is worth in order to accurately assess any settlement offer they are considering.

When you retain our Los Angeles personal injury attorney law firm,  we will thoroughly evaluate your case and determine how much it may be worth. It is important to keep in mind that it is not enough to look at pay stubs and medical expenses when determining they value of a claim – you also need to address issues like the value of physical and emotional pain and suffering and the way that your injuries will affect you into the future.

Some of the specific ways that a personal injury lawyer will help you after you are hurt after an accident include the following:

  • Determine whether you have a claim
  • Identify all parties that could potentially be held liable
  • Determine how much your claim is worth
  • Collect evidence is support of your claim
  • Negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf
  • File a lawsuit in the appropriate court
  • Represent you in court

Of course, the specific ways that a personal injury attorney will help you depends on the specific circumstances of your case. Not every case goes to trial, and sometimes insurance companies are willing to settle a case for an appropriate amount as soon as they learn that an attorney has become involved. In order to receive compensation, you must be able to establish fault and a responsible party. The majority of accidents are not an intentional act, but it doesn’t mean the other party is not responsible. As your Los Angeles personal injury attorney, our job is to prove to the court and insurance company the other party caused you harm by their actions that are not considered reasonable. Our lawyers may be able to demonstrate the other party was responsible and that you suffered physically, financially, and emotionally due to your injuries. Our primary goal is to review the evidence to prove you are a victim and build a solid personal injury claim.

Looking for a Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles car accident attorneys at Injury Justice Law Firm understand how fast lives can change after a serious motor vehicle accident. There are medical bills, pain and suffering, and time away from your job that will all add up quickly. In a short amount of time, you financial situation can become unstable. Victims of motor vehicle accidents typically feel overwhelmed with paperwork, but you are not alone. Fortunately, California motor vehicle laws favor the side of victims and you could be entitled to monetary compensation during your recovery period until you can get back on your feet.  Our car accident lawyers can help you take advantage of these laws.

If you or a family member were unfortunate enough to suffer from an injury in a car accident due to negligence of another driver,  then you are in need to hire an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident could have a devastating impact on your personal and professional life. You need to retain an experienced car accident injury lawyer as soon as possible. Here, at Injury Justice Law Firm, we have just the kind of attorney you need.  You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other losses sustained in the car accident. The amount of compensation you could receive will vary, depending on a several different factors, including the extent of your injuries, lost wages while unable to work after the accident, and other considerations. Our legal team of highly experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys has recovered nearly a $23 million in compensation for our clients throughout years of practice. We cherish our clients and understand the hardship they are going through due to their injuries, thus we do not charge upfront. In fact, we do not charge any fees, unless we win your case.

If you have been injured in a car, pedestrian, motorcycle accident, or DUI accident in Los Angeles County, our law firm is available to advise you on your legal rights and help win the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (818) 642-5229 to discover how we can help you get your life back on track. All consultations are free of charge.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Cases

In most cases, yes you do. If you have sustained any type of injury in an accident, you need to immediately consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure your legal rights are protected. Don’t attempt to talk to the other individual’s insurance company as their goal is to settle a claim for the least amount possible.  Most people think they will be treated fairly when the insurance representative tells you they would like to settle the issue. They might even say you don’t need a lawyer. After an exchange of information, they will make a small settlement offer and ask you to sign a release.  Insurance companies will often use their financial strength to push you around. Don’t agree to any settlement offers without consulting with our personal injury law firm.  Having an experienced personal injury lawyer will help you even the playing field against insurance companies. Let’s us negotiate on your behalf. We will help you to process the claim properly and get the full compensation you deserve.

Additionally, without qualified legal representation in handling Los Angeles car accident injury claims, you could miss deadlines and statute of limitations that could waive your right to pursue a claim. If you allow a statue of limitations to expire on a personal injury claim without filing a lawsuit, you will lose an opportunity to obtain compensation for your injuries. This would force you to pay out of your pocket for damages, even though they were caused by the fault of another person.

There are NO cost up front. We do not charge our clients until we settle the case. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers work on contingency fee basis. This means the legal fees are paid for out of the settlement or jury award in your case.  Contingency fee total depends on what stage the case is in. The closer the matter is to trial, the large the contingency due to outlay of needed costs. If you don’t recover anything, you pay us nothing.  We offer a case review as part of our risk FREE initial consultation.

Yes, most likely. The majority of personal injury cases are never taken to court. They are settled before trial by a mutual agreement between both parties.  According to official statistics, eight out of ten cases are resolved without a trial. Settlements offer any opportunity to avoid cost and delays and could result in a higher recovery. Only if all settlements attempts fail, should you file a lawsuit and litigate in court. Litigation is the process of taking a personal injury case through the civil court system. To put simply, litigation is very expensive and must be considered as a factor in our strategy when it’s time to decide whether to settle a personal injury case.  We also consider the cost to the opposing party, which is typically the insurance company representing the defendant. The high cost of litigation is the primary reason insurance companies will settle injury claims rather than challenge them in the court system.

Your personal injury attorney works on contingency, meaning they receive a portion of whatever you recover and receive nothing if they don’t win your case. Insurance companies don’t work on a contingency fee agreement. They have to pay their lawyers by the hour, which means their legal fees get very high quickly. Another factor to consider is the high cost of expert witnesses, including medical professionals and accident reconstructionists. Many experts will charge thousands of dollars on a single injury case.  Finally, another critical decision is the amount of time it takes to resolve a personal injury case through the Los Angeles County Courts. If you decide to proceed all the way in court, it could take years before an award is actually paid. Negotiating a settlement before trial has the added major benefit of expediting the payment for your injuries. We are unable to predict if your case can be settled prior to trial, but our personal injury attorneys may find it necessary to go to trail to receive the maximum recovery for your injuries.

No. Absolutely not. Do not provide a statement, sign any document, or accept a settlement offer without first consulting with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from our law firm. Don’t be fooled. Insurance adjusters are not on your side. It’s their job to settle your case for the least amount possible. Any statements you make to an insurance representative could be used against you to deny or reduce the value of your injury claim. Insurance adjusters will typically offer fake sympathy to gain your trust. They may also tell you that you don’t need a personal injury lawyer because they will take care of your claim. Don’t believe them and remember their ultimate goal to to save insurance company money by delaying payment and giving you smallest amount possible. If you don’t retain an experienced personal injury attorney, you may never know the true value of you injury case.

Typically, a victim has two years from the date of the accident to settle the claim or file a lawsuit. This is commonly known as the statute of limitations, which is the time period from the date of injury to the date within where legal action must be taken. This means that if you fail to file a injury claim or lawsuit within this time frame, you will lose your legal right to make any claim. There are different statute of limitations for different types of personal injury cases. In the state of California, the two year period applies to most personal injury cases.

However, there are exceptions to this rule.  If your injury case involves a government entity, your claim must typically be filed within six months from the date of the accident. This is just another reason you need to call a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer at our office as soon as possible after your accident.

The damages you may be entitled to recover will depend on the type of injury case and the damages you have sustained. If you suffer an injury that requires medical treatment, then current and future medical expenses can be recovered, along with past and future lost wages from your job.  Additionally, you may also be eligible to recover other damages, including pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and other inconveniences associated with the your injury. In some cases, you may be able to recover punitive damages, which are intended to punish the responsible party when their actions were intentional or reckless. The goal of punitive damages is to discourage the defendant and other individuals from engaging in similar harmful behavior in the future. A common example where punitive damages may be available is when an individual sustains injuries from a drunk driver.

In car accident cases, you are entitled to recover the damages to your vehicle as well as the loss of use of your vehicle for the time you were without the use of your car because it was damaged. Call a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer at out law firm for more information about what type of damages you may recover in your case.

The facts and circumstances in every personal injury case are unique. Therefore, there is no way to accurately predict what your case will be worth in the end. Our personal injury lawyers will need to first closely review your injury case to determine what you may be able to recover on your claim. Our attorneys will take a close look at a wide variety of different factors to make a determination on the potential maximum recovery from your personal injury case. The factors that will influence the value of your personal injury case include:

  • The exact type of losses you have sustained from your personal injury
  • The total of medical and rehabilitation expenses related to your injuries
  • Past and future income you may have lost due to your personal injury
  • Any life-changing disabilities that were caused from your injuries
  • Any losses that are related from property damages
  • Any pain and suffering you may have experienced from your injuries

Our personal injury lawyers will also need to determine the probability that you will be able to recover damages for your injury case. These factors include the strength of evidence that another individual was responsible for your injuries, documentation of your medical expenses and other losses, and our lawyer’s ability to negotiate with the insurance company. After thoroughly reviewing the factors above, we will be able to offer you a reasonable estimate on how much money you may be able to recover.

For more detailed information on how much your injury case may be worth, call our Los Angeles personal injury law firm or visit our personal injury case value calculator page.


In California, timing is critical for all personal injury cases. This is why it is necessary to act immediately. We are 10/10 AVVO RATED, well known and respected in personal injury law. Our law firm offers professional help 24/7.

It is our level of expertise, experience, and emphasis on monetary recovery strategy that sets us apart.

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Main Reason You Should Hire Our Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

personal injury lawyer los angelesInjury Justice Law Firm is a team of highly professional and extremely knowledgeable personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles  with over 25 years of combined experience. We pride ourselves on ability to build personal connections with each client. Our law firm does assign your case to a case manager or paralegal, instead, we provide you with an attorney. Your dedicated personal injury lawyer will closely monitor your case and get familiar with each and every detail.

Hiring a lawyer at our law firm to represent you and your family in an injury case is an important decision. From that moment on, your attorney is your mouthpiece, the conduit for your story, your advocate before the profit-driven insurance companies whose sole goal is to settle your case quickly and cheaply. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers really do take the time to listen to you, investigate the case and learn the facts. Personal injuries cases are very fact-specific, so we have an on-site private investigator available to perform immediate site inspections, take pictures and interview witnesses, before the dangerous condition is repaired and witnesses’ memories fade.

A Los Angeles personal injury attorney from our law firm will closely monitor your case during the entire process, and will be intimately familiar with the facts. We do not assign your case to a paralegal case manager. Instead, OUR PROMISE TO YOU is to have an actual personal injury lawyer available every day to answer questions about your case. When the time comes for us to present your claim to the insurance company, we ill be fully prepared to tell your story, to show the adjuster that you are not just another faceless claim number, but a person who is hurt, put out of work, and whose family’s well-being is threatened because of another’s negligence.

2016 – Case Results Chart: Personal Injury

  • Case Settlement Higher After IJ Firm Hired: 100%
  • Client Has No Out Of Pocket Costs: 100%
  • Car Accident Cases Resolved In Less Than 1 Year: 90%
  • Client Satisfied With Outcome: 97%
  • All Medical Bills Paid Before Settlement: 100%

At Injury Justice, we argue every case to the adjuster as if we were arguing it to the jury, and we are prepared to fight the case all the way through trial. Everyone needs an advocate, and you can do no better than the experienced, empathetic, and skilled attorneys at our law firm.

Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers know you are entrusting us with your future. That is why we choose to take on fewer clients then other law firms. We strongly believe that quality exceeds quantity. Thus, we limit our case intake and strive to provide much deserved personal undivided attention to our clients. You may also visit our Los Angeles personal injury blog for more information. Please contact our Los Angeles personal injury law firm for a free case consultation to discuss details of your case.

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Important Steps You Should Take After The Injury

What actions you take after an injury can often be more important than the injury itself. If you don’t have proper documentation and don’t alert the proper authorities, your claim and injuries can be challenged. The more evidence you have, the stronger the validity of your personal injury claim. There are a few important steps you need to take immediately, if you or your loved ones suffered an injury in Los Angeles.

  • Take pictures. Now days, nearly everyone one has a phone that can take pictures and film short videos. Take as many pictures of your injury and of the surroundings as you can. For instance, if it was slip and fall accident, make sure to photograph the cause of your fall. Another example, if it was a car, bicycle, motorcycle or pedestrian accident, take pictures of your injury, damage to the vehicles and the street on which the accident occurred.
  • Take notes. Record the exact location, date and time of the accident. It is also recommended to record the weather and any other factors that played a role in the accidents. Important to mention, right there and then you should write down names and contact information of people who witnessed the accident.
  • Seek medical attention right away. This would create an official record of your injuries and show that the injuries you suffered were caused by the accident.
  • Once your injury was attended to, attentively write down all details while you still remember them.
  • Call a personal injury lawyer.

Taking all above mentioned steps will play a major role in your Los Angeles case. It is important to be able to describe the situation to your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer as detailed as possible. Furthermore, being able to support your story with medical records, witnesses and picture will make your rode to a successful outcome a lot faster and easier.

Do Not Face Insurance Companies Alone

Over the years, we’ve been conditioned by the insurance industry to believe that they have our best interests at heart. “Nationwide is on your side,” “You’re in good hands with Allstate, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there,” or a little more ominous-sounding “Farmers gets you back where you belong” – sounds familiar?

In spite of these ads, your insurance company is not typically your friend in a personal injury case. The fact remains that the primary goal of the insurance company is to completely avoid or minimize the amount of payment for your claim. Every action they take is motivated by their desire to reduce your financial recovery, not help you recover from injuries. Don’t be fooled by a friendly representative. Insurance companies will attempt to limit your recovery. They want you to settle your claim quickly because quick injury settlements are often cheaper. At he very early stages of a claim, injury victims have not had an opportunity to consult with a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles. Furthermore, victims may not fully know the extent of their injuries. medical cost,  and lost time from work.

Remember, the insurance companies have the money to advertise and promote this public image, because they are well-run and profitable businesses, where premiums are paid, and payouts on claims are minimized. They have teams of skilled, experienced and aggressive adjusters whose sole purpose is to get you to agree to accept the lowest amount possible for your injuries. Do not face this fight alone.

Insurance companies will not provide you with the best settlement without strong advocacy on your behalf. At Injury Justice Law Firm LLP, a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from our office will protect your rights, collect evidence, and fight for your rights every day. We file lawsuits when we conclude the insurance company is not being reasonable and is failing to provide fair compensation to our clients. In court, we enjoy a strong reputation and find that the best settlement is often provided before a jury is empaneled in court.


We Will Fight Insurance Companies For You

Yes, insurance is there to protect you in case of an accident and suppose to cover your bills. Unfortunately, it is a profit business as well. Often if not always, insurance companies strive to satisfy their shareholders, rather than people it insures. Just for that reason, there is a bullet proof bureaucratic system they have established in order to avoid paying for claims. The procedure is very hard, confusing and time consuming.

Here at Injury Justice Law Firm, we understand that our clients have been through a traumatic experience and strive to help make this process as smooth as possible. Our team of Los Angeles leading experts is highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to a convoluted claim system. We know how to handle stubborn insurance adjusters to whom you are just another claim number.

Inna Gorin

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Our Los Angeles experience has shown, if you come fully prepared, just as if you were coming to a court, insurance companies tend to take your seriously, which helps expedite the process. In fact, through years of experience Injury Justice Law Firm was able to build a reputation of determined and strong defenders. We will use all our skills, knowledge, experience and reputation to ensure a positive outcome for your case.

No Recovery – No Fee Guarantee

Our law firm guarantees that you will not pay unless we recover money for your injuries. We do not charge up front legal fees. We will be there for you and your family.

Call Today to Speak with a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been hurt in an accident caused by another person in the Los Angeles area, you should call Injury Justice Law Firm LLP as soon as possible. We offer free consultations and will take the time it takes to fully understand your accident and how it has affected your life. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are committed to helping our clients obtain the compensation to which they are legally entitled and will not hesitate to take your case to trial if justice demands it.

If you are looking for a car accident lawyer, or someone to represent you in a slip and fall case, call us at to speak with one of our attorneys, and discover the difference. Our experienced and aggressive personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles have over 25 years combined courtroom experience.

You are entitled to be paid and compensated for the pain, suffering, loss of wages, and other damages. After an injury you or your loved ones must focus on treatment and pain management, not hospital bills or dealing with insurance companies. We are available 24/7 for immediate intervention in your personal injury or car accident case. For a free, no-obligation case evaluation with one of our personal injury lawyers, call our law firm today at 310-734-7974 or send us an email through our online contact form.

Attorney Inna Gorin has obtained millions of dollars in settlements for injured clients, and Dmitry Gorin who is Of Counsel, specializes in jury trial work. And both attorneys have achieved the highest ratings from AVVO, and are rated 10/10 Superb. Our lawyers have numerous testimonials from clients as to their successful representation.

If you have been injured in an accident, our experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will protect your legal rights and help you recover compensation for your injuries. We are available 24/7 for your risk free initial consultation in Beverly HillsEncinoGlendale, Hermosa Beach, LancasterLong Beach, Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, Redondo BeachTorranceSanta MonicaSan Fernando Valley, Valencia and Ventura County areas.

By Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers Inna Gorin And Dmitry Gorin
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