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Our Los Angeles personal injury law firm are well-known and respected attorneysClient Reviews - Injury Justice Law Firm LLP specializing in traffic accident related cases. Our lawyers handle a wide variety of personal injury cases, including car accident injuries, motorcycle accident injuries, DUI accident victims, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, bus accidents, uninsured car accident victims, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, among others.

Our attorneys frequently hear stories of individuals who were injured in a vehicle related accident and need legal representation. Too often, victims fail to take full advantage of their legal rights to full and fair compensation and frequently get harassed by an insurance company. Most victims don’t understand that the goal of insurance companies is to settle you case by paying you the least amount of financial compensation possible. Insurance representatives will typically encourage you to agree to a quick and cheap settlement offer. People who have been inured in car accidents have rights and our personal injury lawyers are here to protect them.

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys continue to achieve successful case results for our clients in many types of car accident and other personal injury related cases. We work aggressively for our clients and its our job to make sure you are given maximum financial compensation for your injuries. Whether your case involves a rear-end collision with catastrophic injuries, or driving under the influence accident causing traumatic brain injuries, our law firm works hard to purse your best interest, not the insurance company. We want to help you get your life back on track.  We never back down from a fight and have many successful case results and client reviews to prove it. See what our prior clients have posted below.

Read what our past clients have to say about us Avvo Client Reviews

Joshua M.

Inna Gorin is a professional and caring personal injury attorney. She is absolutely amazing. I’m so glad that she was my attorney. She is professional, caring, and a delight. I am so thankful for the outcome she got on my personal injury case. Her hard work paid off and the result on my case was better than expected. I highly recommend Inna Gorin as your lawyer. Once again, thank you for representing me, you are outstanding.


I highly recommend Inna Gorin to anyone. From the first time I spoke with her over the phone, I had a good feeling about this. She showed compassion and understanding of what I was going through from my car accident case. She kept in contact throughout the time to let me know the status of the case and helped me get the most out of the settlement. I am VERY SATISFIED with her work.

Jovan G.

Inna did an amazing job on my car accident case. I could not be any happier. Inna, my lawyer, did an amazing job. She’s an expert. Very caring, always making sure I was OK and keeping up with my therapist to make sure I was doing better. After the accident, she was very aware I was improving. She fought my case until the end and I got great compensation. I couldn’t be any happier with her work. Inna Gorin and her team did an amazing job. Thank you so much Inna Gorin, I would recommend and put this amazing team out to my friends and family. Thank you for your hard work once again. To all public, your in good hands with this amazing attorney, they are the best. Very hardworking lawyers. They will fight for you till the end.

Izabella R.

There is no better attorney to represent you. Inna is the best personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. She is compassionate, caring, responsive and was on top of her game when she represented me. She really worked on my case and made sure I received all the treatment and compensation for my injuries. It’s like she takes her cases personally, she’s that involved. There is no better person to represent you against the insurance companies. I am happy with the outcome of my case and she was a pleasure to work with. Bottom line is there is no one else I would have rather had in my corner.

Busta B. 

Inna got all my bills and expenses paid. I contacted Ms. Gorin after a brutal rear-end car collision. She immediately sent someone out to inspect my car and talk to witnesses. She contacted my insurance company and spoke to my doctors. Thanks to Ms. Gorin, I was able to get a rental car while I searched for a replacement and get my bills paid for in the meantime under a special policy provision. When it turned out the other driver had only minimum coverage, she was able to get additional recovery from my own insurance company. I highly recommend Ms. Gorin.

Jacky O. 

You can’t get a better personal injury attorney. Inna is a wonderful attorney! When I was looking for a lawyer for my car accident, calling around 7 pm, not even hoping to get anyone on the phone, she picked up! We spoke at length and I was extremely anxious and upset over the whole situation. She took the time to answer my questions and really put me at ease. I decided immediately to have Inna represent me. Throughout my case, she always listened to my concerns. I had very unusual side effects from my injuries and because of her experience, she was able to guide my medical treatment to make sure all issues got taken care of. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Since then, I’ve recommended Inna to all my friends. If you were in a car accident, you seriously can’t get a better personal injury lawyer. Thanks Inna!

Chelsea N. 

Brilliant! Inna Gorin is such a brilliant personal injury lawyer. I had a very positive experience with her as she represented me on a car accident injury case I was involved in. She was extremely responsive to all my questions. I received a reply to all my correspondence the same day or within 24 hours and I always knew what was going on in my case. I am very satisfied with the results of my case and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who has experienced personal injury. Her billing was fair and clearly communicated. I am extremely grateful for her involvement in my case.


I received the highest return possible on my car accident case. I was lucky to select attorney Gorin as my personal injury lawyer. I was t-boned by a driver attempting to make a light on yellow and suffered consistent chronic back pain. Ms. Gorin was so reassuring and professional during my recuperation period. Due to her work on my case, I was given the highest return possible because of missing work and other liabilities. She is an amazing and caring attorney. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to be represented by the best!


Inna Denim handled my personal injury case like no other lawyer. She is bar none the most competent lawyer in her field. She paid close attention to all the details of my case and made sure all legal aspects were taken care of always. Therefore, I recommend Inna Gorin to anyone who is looking for a professional, fantastic and superior legal mind with a knack for doing everything in her power to represent you on the absolute highest professional legal level at all times.


I am so happy with the outcome of my case! Before I came to Inna, I called a few other personal injury law firms that turned me down, saying that my case was not big enough to justify the expense (I slipped and fell at a store, hurting my back and shoulder). Inna listened to my story, and with her help, I received a great settlement for my injuries. She was always available and responsive, and she took great care to make sure I received the medical care I needed. I am very pleasantly surprised with the outcome of my case, and would highly recommend Inna and her firm to anyone with a slip and fall case!


Great lawyer! Inna would always keep me updated about the case. She would always answer my questions in a timely manner. She responds quickly. She’s committed and perseverance. I would definitely recommend her.


Excellent attorney. I was referred to Inna through another firm. I called her office regarding my mother who was involved in a car accident. I called her office over the weekend and she returned my call right away and spent good amount of time with me on the phone and patiently heard our story. She was always very responsive and attentive at all times. She is also very competent and intelligent attorney. My mom is very happy for hiring her to handle her personal injury case. I will highly recommended and refer her services.


Thanks to Inna’s professional knowledge, determination she was able to help my mom get a great result in her car accident case. My mother and I are deeply thankful for Inna’s hard work and efforts on my mother’s behalf. Again, it was a pleasure working with you.


Excellent lawyer. She is a very good personal injury lawyer and I would gladly recommend her. She helped me with all the things I needed in my case and she is very good with what she does.

Amanda R.

Ms. Gorin delivered and all my medical bills were paid and I was even compensated for time off work! A slip and fall at a store in front of a crowd of people is an extremely unpleasant event. In the beginning, I was not sure where to even turn for help. The store where I fell tried to brush it under the rug, and made me feel bad for even trying to complain. But I had to go to a hospital! And pay for medical bills! And it was not my fault that they left a puddle on the floor. After going back and forth with the store management, and getting nowhere, I asked my friends for a referral to a personal injury attorney. Ms. Gorin came highly recommended by a good friend, and she truly delivered on the promise. My case was done soon after I finished physical therapy. All my medical bills were paid and I was even compensated for time off work! I liked her hard work, excellent outcome, and great service, Amazing lawyer!

Kevin S.

Ms. Gorin was able to get an excellent resolution in my very complicated car accident case. Ms. Gorin is one tough lawyer. She was able to get an excellent resolution in my very complicated case. The other party’s insurance refused to accept fault, and she managed to catch defendant on a lie! They settled within a week. I liked her excellent communication skills. I am very happy with Ms. Gorin’s services!


Ms. Gorin obtained a great settlement for me and my family. Inna is an excellent personal injury attorney. She obtained a great settlement for me and my family, even after the insurance company only low balled us. I really liked her communication skills. Highly recommend her services. She will be there for you.


Sometimes when you have to deal with the legal system, you end up with a bad taste in your mouth because of the service that you receive or the outcome of your case. Although my case did not go exactly as planned with the outcome I truly wanted, I felt that Ms. Gorin was an invaluable asset to my case. She was always very responsive and knowledgeable. She kept me in the loop and was always willing and able to answer any and every question that I had in a timely matter. I am the type of person that always wants to be informed and Ms. Gorin did just that. I felt comfortable that she was addressing the issues at hand and a good representative of what my interests and concerns were.


Smart, knowledgeable, sincere. People usually search for legal help when something bad happens to them. During these moments we need someone who can take charge of the situation and guide us through the complexities of law. Who would treat us like family instead of billable hours. Ms. Gorin is exactly the type of personal injury lawyer you want to have – an excellent professional: very knowledgeable, attentive, courteous, and diligent. Ms. Gorin was working on our case about a year ago. She wasn’t our only choice – we met with 2 other attorneys and are confident that we made the best choice. Our case was very complicated and stressful. During that difficult time, Ms. Gorin was always available to answer all our questions and address our concerns. She was very supportive and really went to bat for us. I don’t usually leave reviews online but Inna, we can’t thank you enough! If we ever need a lawyer in the future, she will be our first choice!


Great service! I am very happy with Inna’s services. She is always responsive, really knows her stuff, and gets everything done promptly. She is a tough negotiator, and was able to get an excellent outcome for my personal injury case.


Inna gives personal injury lawyers a good name! Inna Gorin is a competent, resourceful, conscientious and most importantly, a COMPASSIONATE attorney. She genuinely cares about her clients’ situations, does thorough research to assure the best outcome, and seeks others’ counsel if the issue is outside her area of expertise. My phone calls and e-mails were ALWAYS answered within 24 hours, and Inna replied to my text messages within minutes. This is true even when she was out of the country! I’ll certainly go back to her for any future legal needs.


Amazing personal injury lawyer! A serious car accident is a horrible event. My mom had bills, could not go to work, and her car was not driveable. We found this angel and cannot be more grateful. She is an amazing person. Inna helped us to obtain a fast recovery. She was always available for questions, and knew her stuff. Thank you.

Keanu A.

Uncomparable Service. Attorney Gorin was very professional, and efficient. She constantly updated me on the status of my case on a daily basis. For my first and hopefully last major car accident, she helped me and my family know the step-by-step procedure to solve my situation. Honestly if you need a lawyer and don’t know where to look,I highly consider that you give her a call.


Very helpful and informative. I am a former client of Inna’s, she was always in touch with me and very helpful. If I had any questions she would either answer them or find out for me. Now I have referred my client to her and again she has at all times been very professional and very helpful. I would recommend her to anyone who has a personal injury.


Awesome Service. Hello! I’m Ronny I’ d like to say that Inna’s services were outstanding! Even though my case took awhile to resolve, the services provided by her were prompt, courteous, always polite and very understanding of my situation. I’d highly recommend her firm as they are very thorough with what they can provide for you :).

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