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Amanda R. Recommends Inna Gorin

Ms. Gorin delivered and all my medical bills were paid and I was even compensated for time off work! A slip and fall at a store in front of a crowd of people is an extremely unpleasant event. In the beginning, I was not sure where to even turn for help. The store where I fell tried to brush it under the rug, and made me feel bad for even trying to complain. But I had to go to a hospital! And pay for medical bills! And it was not my fault that they left a puddle on the floor. After going back and forth with the store management, and getting nowhere, I asked my friends for a referral to a personal injury attorney. Ms. Gorin came highly recommended by a good friend, and she truly delivered on the promise. My case was done soon after I finished physical therapy. All my medical bills were paid and I was even compensated for time off work! I liked her hard work, excellent outcome, and great service, Amazing lawyer!

– Amanda R.


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