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Beverly Hills Personal Injury Lawyer

beverly hills personal injury attorney law firmThe reliable Injury Justice Law Firm is one of the very best catastrophic Beverly Hills personal injury law firms out there, and is located in Beverly Hills, California. Hence, we are always happy to help clients with neck pain from different accidents. In most cases those traumas were induced by car accidents. People who are engaged in dangerous activities or behavior can also harm others. Indeed, our Beverly Hills personal injury attorneys are determined to hold people responsible for any trauma they inflict on others.

In case a person is causing a trauma because of their negligence, they will need to be held liable for their actions. We have managed to recover over thirty million dollars in Beverly Hills personal injury cases. We are also able to aid you with all sorts of calamities that may involve permanent damage.

Clients as well as mass media news agencies are always seeking us for answers to their questions, as they would like to know about the most recent shocking events. Whether it took place on the local or national scene, we are going to be asked to comment. Therefore, people choose us in line with our reputation as one of the leading law firms. People who come to the city are probably going to notice the outdated and overall dangerous highway on-ramps as well as off-ramps. Therefore, when it comes to traffic accidents, Beverly Hills tops the whole state of Rhode Island.

Furthermore, reckless operations that are performed by the authorities are also among the reasons for numerous traffic wrecks. The overall infrastructure is falling apart. Yet, government claims are deemed as different kinds of cases. These will require a one-of-a-kind attorney – an attorney like Dmitry Gorin, our lead advocate.

We Are Specialists In Personal Injury And Negligence Cases

Our Beverly Hills personal injury law firm has a great reputation in dealing with the negligence law cases. We are a dedicated team of Beverly Hills personal injury lawyers and it really shows, being more than capable of standing against the biggest insurance agencies in California. We have managed to bring cases in all courts of the state. With so many fraudsters out there, people are a whole lot more comfortable with the fact that someone is standing up for the little people. In addition, we have an excellent track record of positive testimonials. We are always confronting the trouble and never run from difficult cases.

Moreover, it also includes the loss of a spouse. Such a spouse will have left behind children and people who were dependent on them. One of the things that really makes us stand out is the fact that we have a very strong “do or die” attitude. We are always returning your calls and are ready to represent our clients with pride. Hence, our compassion is also one of our virtues that stands out.

Dmitry Gorin is our lead counsel and a former U.S. District Attorney. Thus, he is incredibly dedicated to winning. Seeing that he is so caring and personable, it is only natural that our clients love him. Families always trust him, and the Injury Justice Law Firm LLP has the respect of other attorneys in the Beverly Hills area.

Our Beverly Hills Injury Lawyers Are Here To Help You

Furthermore, although you may be surprised, all the court judges and even the insurance agencies truly appreciate how dedicated we really are. We have managed to represent thousands of clients throughout the entire state, and are always more than happy to help you.

Therefore, it would be best for you to allow us to help you and provide you with some options for protecting your legal rights. Beverly Hills is the seventh largest city in all of Los Angeles County with a population of more than 34,109 residents. Such a big place is always filled with accidents waiting to occur. Furthermore, careless operations here may lead to a disaster. Just consider it. The city is bordering Burbank to the west. There you will find television and film studios. Furthermore, the home of the famous Rodeo Drive is located in the heart of Beverly Hills, which also houses numerous companies, shops and restaurants.

Just like many cities in California, it is also dense and ripe for all types of cataclysmic occurrences – both man-made and produced by nature. To make matters even worse, the city has many visitors every single year from all over the world, yet too many of them do not know about the risks and the dangers of the territory. However, we have over 7 office locations in California, meaning that even if you came from another city, we are going to be able to find a great place to meet and help you.

Statistics On City Accidents

There are plenty of things to do and places to work at in Beverly Hills. Indeed, it is one of the biggest cities in the nation that is known for huge traffic congestion. The town is also infamous for numerous other kinds of non-traffic related tragedies to limb and life. In 2008 alone the California State Office of Traffic Safety data demonstrated over 700 injuries. Of all those, at least six people died. Highway collisions around the city are often caused by unreasonable maintenance as well.

Different Accidents

There are other kinds of accidents that may result in injury and even death aside from traffic incidents.

  • Mishaps on construction sites.
  • Dangerous products. The risk of a severe motor accident may be increased immensely by these, and are often caused by improper manufacturing as well as unclear safety instructions.
  • Pedestrian accidents.

All of those may kill. Yet, those are just a few examples of the many accidents that are taking place in such big cities every single day. If you wish to get the compensation you deserve and you also want to hold the other party liable for the accident, you will need to get in touch with our Beverly Hills personal injury lawyers at (310) 734-7974 or fill out online contact form to request a face-to-face free consultation.


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