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Every year, thousands of employees in California are injured at work and many of these accidents result in serious injuries or even death. Employees who sustain injuries while on the job are legally entitled to compensation. In the unfortunate situation of a death case, the family is entitled to compensation.

When a person gets hurt at work, they may assume that their recovery is limited to the workers' compensation scheme offered by their employer.

However, depending on the circumstances of the injury, they might be entitled to compensation through workers' compensation, a personal injury lawsuit, or even both. If a third party, not the employer, was at fault for the injuries suffered by the victim, it may be possible to pursue that party for recovery in addition to the compensation offered by the employer.

For example, if a person driving a car in the course and scope of their duties gets rear ended, the party at fault is also responsible for compensating the injured victim.

Employees who have sustained a work injury should immediately consult with a personal injury lawyer law firm that has experience in dealing with injury cases.

It's critical that the law firm possesses the resources and knowledge of the law required to identify all potential injury claims. Otherwise, the injured worker may not receive the maximum compensation and benefits they are legally entitled.

Workers' Compensation

Typically, employees can't pursue a civil lawsuit against their employer for an injury sustained at work. The solution is pursuing a workers' compensation claim. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, an employee may sue an employer for conduct that was intentional, such as asbestos cases, where the employer knew of the harmful effect but failed to take any action to remove the asbestos or warn their employees.

Another example could include what is known as the “punch-press exception.” This law allows employees to pursue damages against their employer who have removed punch press safety guards in an effort to increase production. The obvious danger in removing these safety features has resulted in numerous catastrophic injuries to workers, including crushing injuries.

As you can see, other than these few exceptions, an employee who has been injured on the job is generally restricted to pursuing a workers' compensation claim against the employer.

The workers' compensation system was designed to make sure that an injured worker receives a fixed amount of compensation for their injuries at work without having to litigate the claim in court. Most employers will carry workers' compensation insurance in order to give employees some type of mechanism for compensation for an injury or illness. The employees are not required to prove fault to be eligible for benefits.

Third-Party Work Accident Cases

In most cases, workers' compensation insurance coverage does not often provide sufficient benefits for employees who have been injured at work. Changes in the California workers' compensation system have placed restrictions on the type and extent of benefits that are available to an injured worker.

It may be possible for the injured employee to purse a workers' compensation claim and a civil lawsuit against the responsible party if they are not the employer. This is commonly called “third-party” cases. By pursuing a third-party claim, you could receive additional compensation. Speak to a Los Angeles workplace injury attorney at our law firm for more information. Our injury lawyers will need to thoroughly review all the specific details in order to determine your potential options.

Contact a Work Accident Attorney Evaluate Legal Options

An injured worker or a member of their family needs to consult with an experienced Los Angeles work accident attorney to investigate all the potential options for compensation for their injuries. This area of injury law requires specific expertise and the necessary experience to closely examine the facts and circumstances that caused the injury in order to property identify any possible third-party injury claims.

Typically, determining who was at fault in multiple third-party defendants is a complex and expensive process.

At Injury Justice Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers will work in conjunction with our clients' workers' compensation attorneys to make sure our clients receive the maximum compensation available to them. If you were a victim of a job site accident, consult a personal injury attorney at Injury Justice Law Firm immediately to evaluate your options. You may have more rights than you think!

Our firm specializes in handling on the job injuries resulting from work-related car accidents, negligence by a third-party contractor or vendor, defective tools, machinery or equipment.

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