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Government Entity Claims

Los Angeles Government Entity Claims Lawyers

Public and Government Entity Injury Claims:

Los Angeles Government Entity Claims Lawyers

At Injury Justice Law Firm, our promise to you is to treat your case is if it was our own. 

One of the most important decisions you will make if you've been injured by government entity's negligence is choosing the right attorney.

You should hire a Los Angeles government entity attorney as soon after your accident as possible.

Common Claims Against Government

Trip and falls on city sidewalks, accidents involving a city bus, or injuries in parks and public school property are all examples of accidents involving government or municipal entities.

Government agencies enjoy broad protections, including shorter statutes of limitations, and certain procedural requirements put in place to ensure that most claims against the government get defeated on a technicality.

Sometimes, it may not be clear from the case whether a government entity is involved. If you have any doubt as to the identity of all parties responsible for your injuries, contact an attorney at Injury Justice Law Firm right away. 

We will investigate which government agency may be responsible for your pain and suffering. See our blog: See our blog: California Personal Injury Lawsuit Process.

We Have a Track Record of Success

Our Los Angeles government entity attorneys have successfully handled numerous cases against government entities for premises liability and slip and fall accidents on public property, such as sidewalks.

We can help you investigate the facts of your case and identify all potential defendants to maximize your chances of successful recovery.

Do not be re-victimized by the government's aggressive stonewalling. If you have previously submitted a government tort claim and it was denied, it may still be possible to obtain recovery by filing a lawsuit in court.

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