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Lack Of Manual Safety In Glock – A Subject For Personal Injury Case Trial?

Posted by Inna Gorin | Mar 13, 2017

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people out there who are always more than willing to hurt others for personal gain.

Despite of all the controversy around the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership, perhaps having the means to protect yourself and your loved ones is not such a bad thing. 

With that said, the market these days is pretty much filled with all kinds of guns and weapons that are meant to quickly satisfy even the most refined needs and some genuinely sophisticated preferences.

The law enforcement authorities are required to provide their police officers and special forces with all the weapons necessary for use in extreme situations.

The one that has a contract with most law enforcement offices all over the country is Glock. Glock is an Austrian company, but it does have headquarters in the U.S. Most police officers get a Glock as their primary weapon, and many people are also buying this gun on a legal basis.

Although it is genuinely deemed a pretty accurate weapon and genuinely reliable, that does not make it the best choice either.

One of the relatively recent accidents back in 2013 demonstrated yet again that Glock is not the safest gun to use. A law enforcement officer was attaching a tactical light to his Glock when suddenly discharged the gun. The bullet hit the officer's foot.

The officer is claiming that ever since he repurchased the gun in 2000, he never made any modifications or changes, so he is not to blame. What is to blame, though, is that the Glock lacks manual safety, and this has been the subject of controversy and endless arguments for a while now.

The lawsuit filed by the police officer's attorneys emphasizes that the lack of manual safety and other lacking features could make the Glock potentially dangerous to its owner. In addition, the attorneys also mention the overall lack of any warnings that could prevent such an accident from occurring to being with.

Glock denies all accusations. However, numerous critics who were not too happy with the gun's design in general often claimed that the Glock is a dangerous weapon for its owner and should be handled very carefully. People require additional training to learn how to handle the gun properly.

Glock remains one of the most popular weapons for law enforcement agencies. It now has about 65% of the market.

In addition, the FBI recently renewed its contracts with Glock for over $85 million, which is a whole lot of money. Finally, Glock's revenue was clocked at around $400 million every year.

Nevertheless, the issue of gun safety is not only the one that could be solely attributed to Glock. Too many manufacturers are demonstrating negligence in one form, or another, and accidents are bound to happen.

Even the best professionals, who are highly skilled and trained to handle their weapons properly, may well be injured or killed due to defective weaponry.

The personal injury case that the police officer filed is demanding $75 000 in compensation for all the damages and suffering the officer has gone through.

It was already scheduled for trial within the federal court in line with the schedule.

It is going to be an interesting trial, since this is only one of many individuals who suffered because of the negligence clearly demonstrated by the Glock manufacturers.

Obviously, the case will attract even more attention to the matter at hand, which may serve as a great precursor for changing the situation for the better.

Regardless of the outcome, it is an exemplary case that will either demonstrate that Glock needs to change something about its manufacturing process and its engineering ideas or will prove that there is nothing wrong with the technology to begin with and that gun owners will need to be more careful in the first place.

The case is going to be a pretty hot one, so we are going to keep an eye on its progress.

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