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How a Serious Personal Injury Can Affect Your Life

Posted by Inna Gorin | Oct 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

When you are seriously injured in an accident, the impact can be substantial. Permanent injuries sustained in an accident can result not only in economic damages, including high medical bills and lost wages, but also long-term non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, emotional distress, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. 

Serious Personal Injuries in Los Angeles

Serious personal injuries can bring physical or financial ruin, such as major brain and spinal cord injuries.

This is due the the fact the extent of the injuries are so immense, it impacts your ability to function and lead a normal. In some cases your life can be permanently changed. Oftentimes, it is easy to measure the visible damages.

But the invisible or non-economic damages are sometimes the most debilitating, and in some cases, will cause the greatest negative impact on your life.

Personal injuries in Los Angeles County come in many different forms, from minor scrapes and bruises to more severe injuries that can impact your personal and professional life.

When most people hear the term “personal injury,” they often believe its one time event that will be over as soon as you receive medical treatment. However, many personal injuries can have an affect for many months after the incident.

A serious personal injury can have both short term and long lasting affects on your physical and mental health. While the tangible economic damages might seem easiest to recover, it is important to understand that all of these non-economic damages are also compensable under the law. 

These type of serious personal injury cases need special attention since they could require the largest amount of compensation.  When selecting an attorney to represent your case, you will want to choose one that has experience handling claims similar to your own.

If you have sustained serious personal injuries in an accident that resulted from someone else's negligence, you may be entitled to both economic and non-economic damages under California law. We can make a claim for damages or file suit on your behalf to help you obtain monetary recovery that fully compensates you for everything you went through.

Common Consequences of a Serious Personal Injury

More often than not, a serious personal injury will affect every area of your life. For example, several types of injuries can cause a physical deformities or changes in your appearance, ranging from a hardly noticeable injury to those that dramatically change the way you look.

Cuts and burns often leave scars on your body after they have healed. Some personal injuries can also affect your capacity for full body movement. Broken bones and other serious are common causes that will hinder your ability to perform daily tasks.

When you are not able to work after a serious injury, you are missing an opportunity to earn money to support your family. The loss of income can be significant, especially during a long recovery period.

In some cases, serious personal injuries could even prevent you from advancing or developing a career. Additionally, injuries are typically very expensive medical matters for victims. It's not just the initial medical treatment and rehabilitation methods that can be costly.

The nature, severity, recovery and treatment costs for an injury can extend over a long period of time, which compounds its overall cost. Serious personal injuries can also cause emotional and psychological distress to both you and your family.

Some injuries can leave you with mental scars, no matter how healed and recovered they may seem on the surface. These emotional scars can take a huge toll on your relationships with family, friends, and even employer. Call a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at our law firm to review the specific details of your case and discuss legal options.

Recuperating a Monetary Award for Non-Economic Damages

Pain and suffering is one item of damage that a plaintiff may be able to recover in a personal injury case. The term ‘pain and suffering' is used to describe the physical pain, inconvenience, and emotional distress that a person must endure after sustaining an injury or injuries in a serious accident.

This can extend to mental and emotional suffering as well. It is important to note that pain and suffering levels vary from one personal injury plaintiff to another, due, in part, to the nature and extent of the injuries sustained in the accident.

Outlining Pain and Suffering Damages

Los Angeles Personal injury cases are about responsibility and accountability. Although the at-fault party may not have intended to cause you harm, the accident did, in fact, result in serious personal injuries and damages to you. Injury resulting from an accident can put a dramatic halt to many aspects of your life.

This can impact your relationships, your career, and your physical fitness. In many cases, you will need both time and the financial means to recover.

Not only do you deserve to be compensated for your medical and physical therapy bills, but you also deserve to be compensated for pain and suffering, as well as for the aggravation and lost time caused by the accident. Serious accidents oftentimes have a serious impact on the following:

  • Your ability to work
  • Your ability to spend time with family and friends
  • Your ability to play sports, work out, and take part in other recreational activities
  • Your ability to perform housework or other daily living tasks
  • Your ability to travel

The Value of a Pain and Suffering Claim

Although these damages are recoverable, it is important to work with your personal injury lawyer in advance to outline the exact value you are requesting for pain and suffering recovery.

The value of a personal injury claim for pain and suffering varies from plaintiff to plaintiff and from case to case.

For this reason, preparation and documentation is key to receiving a fair and equitable settlement. Some factors that juries often consider when placing a value on a damage claim for pain and suffering include the following:

  • The opinions provided by expert medical witnesses
  • The nature and extent of the injuries that you suffered in the accident, as well as the amount of time it took you to reach a level of maximum medical improvement
  • Medical reports referencing anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) stemming from the accident
  • Your age, sex, position in life, and estimated recovery time
  • The impact of the accident on your quality of life and activity level as a result of the injuries you sustained
  • Potential work limitations
  • Potential limitations on your daily activities

Contact an Injury Lawyer for Help

Serious injuries can have serious impacts on every aspect of your life. Whether your injury was caused in a car accident or premises liability case, recovering both economic and non-economic damages after an accident can help minimize the financial impact.

If you have sustained injuries as a result of someone else's negligence, you need skilled legal representation on your side every step of the way. To schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with our law firm, call our office at 310-734-7974.

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