Los Angeles Electrical Accidents Lawyer

Los Angeles Electrical Accidents Lawyers

Official statistics clearly demonstrate that dozens of people are lethally injured after contacting sources of electricity and hundreds of others are severely injured from the same thing every single year. In addition, for people working on different construction sites, the risk of being injured due to electrical accidents is all the more apparent. In many cases, workers are traumatized due to bad quality products, tools that were not properly installed, and the sheer negligence of employers as well as the third parties involved. Needless to say, many more electrical injuries also take place outside the work site.

If you or your loved ones were injured after coming into contact with a source of electricity, it is very important, crucial even, to make sure that you contact a professional lawyer, who is going to be capable of helping your case and will aid in filing a case for an individual or a group of individuals that need to be held liable for the injury to begin with. It is important for you to understand that there are different kinds of possible electrical injury cases, which a qualified and genuinely experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney will be capable of handling:

– Accidents that take place during construction. These are common, but you will have to establish who is responsible for the injury in the first place.
– Injuries caused by defective wires. In certain cases, the only one that needs to be held liable is the manufacturer of the wires, since their products did not comply with international safety standards.
– Lack of warning. Absence of a proper warning is completely unacceptable. Every electrical source needs to come with the proper labeling or the employees need to receive a warning beforehand.
– Power lines accidents. At times, these accidents occur because of some malfunctioning power line and it is necessary to determine what kind of an accident you are dealing with.
– Contractor’s negligence. Some employers tend to actually neglect the most basic safety precautions and people are injured because of it.

You attorney will investigate all the evidence to point out the liable party. There are always witnesses who have seen what occurred. The site of the accident will need to be inspected by qualified and experienced electricians and all the equipment that was involved in the accident will need to be inspected as well.

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