Case Victories

Personal Injury Case Victories

At Injury Justice Law Firm our record of success in seeking justice for our clients is demonstrated by the following case victories. Helping victims get the financial compensation they need and deserve is our top priority. We sought justice for victims and prevailed:

Professional Negligence/Fraud – Settlement: $850,000.00

Client invested in excess of $1.5 million in reliance on certain misrepresentations made by the company’s CEO. Shortly after the investment, the Company went bankrupt, and its assets were duly distributed through the bankruptcy. After extensive litigation and taking Defendant’s deposition abroad, the case settled on the eve of trial for $850,000.00.

Auto v. Auto – Settlement: $425,000.00

Client was side-swiped by a big rig, which caused him to run off the road, hit a bump and become airborne. Client suffered spinal injuries as a result necessitating surgery and further pain management. After extensive motion work, the case settled on the eve of trial during a settlement conference with the judge for $425,000.

Premises Liability – Settlement: $357,500.00

Walking out of a building in the course and scope of her employment, client stepped on a mis-marked ramp, causing her foot to roll. Complex case with multiple surgeries and a significant workers’ compensation component. After defeating Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment with the help of our reputable expert in the field of Civil Engineering, the case settled for $357,500.

Motorcycle v. Auto – Settlement: $275,000.00

Our client was driving her scooter to work in the morning through the side streets of Beverly Hills when she was struck by a motorist who failed to obey the stop sign. Client was taken to the emergency room in an ambulance, and eventually had to undergo a shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum. She also developed the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and was terminated from her job due to the resulting mental health issues. Case settled during litigation for $275,000.

Auto v. Auto – Settlement: $170,000.00

Our client was driving his work truck in the course and scope of his employment, when he was t-boned at four-way stop intersection by another industrial vehicle, suffering a mild concussion. Despite the fact that this was our client’s second accident in a short period of time, the case settled after mediation for $170,000.

Auto v. Auto – Uninsured Motorist Claim – Settlement: $135,000.00

Client was struck by an uninsured motorist, resulting in severe symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress. Case settled at mediation for $135,000.

Premises Liability – Settlement: Six-Figures Policy Limits

Decedent was trimming a tree as a favor for his long time friend. When the ladder she provided for the Decedent gave way, he fell from the height of eight feet, sustaining a fractured skull and a subdural hematoma. The victim passed away from his injuries within days. Defendant’s insurance company denied liability, saying it was the Decedent’s own fault he fell. We were able to establish that Defendant lied about the facts surrounding the accident, and the case settled for the six-figures policy limits during litigation.

Professional Negligence – Settlement: $62,500.00

Client was dispensed the wrong medication by a Wal-Mart pharmacist, resulting in a severe allergic reaction. Pre-litigation settlement $62,500.

Premises Liability – Settlement: $50,000.00

Client, an elderly lady, slipped on a puddle of algae negligently maintained on the grounds of a local public pool, suffering a fractured ankle. Settlement against the city for $50,000.

Premises Liability – Settlement: $40,000.00

Client was shopping at a second hand store when a clothing rack fell on her, injuring her arm. With no surgery necessary, case settled for $40,000.

Premises Liability – Settlement: $35,000.00

client tripped over a pothole in the parking lot maintained by a government entity and sustained a fractured elbow. No surgery was necessary and client’s medical bills were slightly in excess of $5,000. After extensive litigation, case settled for $35,000.

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