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What damages am I entitled to recover?

Personal Injury Compensation

Any damages you might be entitled to recover depends on the type of injury case and the extent of damages sustained. If your injury requires medical treatment, then past and future medical expenses can be recovered and wages lost from your employment. Additionally, you could also recover other damages that include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life. To get an idea of what type of damages you may be entitled to recover, review the list below that describes some common types of legal compensation available in a personal injury case.  Consult with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer at our law firm to explain all your options.

Medical Expenses – damages for medical expenses can include the cost of past and future medical care and rehabilitation. Includes expenses for medical services from doctors, hospitals, emergency room treatment, ambulance cost, among others. The victim will need to show these expenses are related to medical conditions involving their injury. Future expenses are typically calculated by estimating the victims medical needs for the rest of their life.

Lost Wages – these damages will represent the amount of money the victim would have earned from the exact time of the injury to the date of settlement. This means the victim can recover any lost wages while they were recovering from their injuries.

Lost Earning Capacity – after an injury, these types of damages can be recovered if the victim can prove their ability to earn money in the future was impacted as a result of the injury. There are various factors used to determine this award, including victims age, health, life expectancy, occupation, among others.

Loss of Consortium – a spouse of a personal injury victim could receive damages for the loss of emotional elements of marriage, such as affection, companionship, comfort, sexual relations, and assistance in life. Typically, the uninjured spouse will make the claim and their financial recovery depends on whether the injured spouse recovers damages.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life – these damages involve the inability to enjoy daily life pleasures due to the injury. Loss of enjoyment of life is physical and mental limitations caused by a personal injury that impacts the victims ability to participate in activities that gave them pleasure before the injury. This could include quality time with their family, recreational activity, hobbies, volunteer work, among others.

Pain and Suffering – this award is for past and future physical pain involving the personal injury.  In order to place a monetary value on pain and suffering, different factors are consider. These factors include the nature of the injury, severity, certainly of future pain, and how long the victim will likely be in pain.

Punitive Damages – in some cases, a victim  may be able to recover punitive damages, which are intended to punish the responsible person in cases where their actions were reckless or intentional. The primary goal of a punitive damage award is to discourage the responsible person and other people from engaging in the same harmful behavior in the future.  A common example where punitive damages may be awarded is when a victim sustains injuries from a drunk driver.

Should I Pursue an Injury Lawsuit?

It's important to understand that not all injury cases are good candidates for pursuing a personal injury claim. This is why any accident case requires a clear understanding of California personal injury laws. If you were involved in an accident that caused you some type of loss due to negligence of another party, then you should consult with an experienced attorney. Finding the right personal injury attorney to help you navigate the often complex process will help ensure you are fully protected and that you get the compensation you are entitled under the law.

Call a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer at out law firm for more information about what type of damages you may recover in your case.


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