Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you do. We will help you to process the claim properly and get the full compensation you deserve.

Your case review is a part of our risk FREE initial consultation. We do not charge our clients until we win the case.

No. The majority of cases are handled before the trial. According to official statistics, eight out of ten cases resolved without a trial. We are unable to predict if the case can be settled prior to the trial, but prepared for any kind of possible scenarios.

All claims that are filed against public figures are due to subject to the California Government Code. Since the Government Code is more than 1000 pages long, it is impossible to describe it in full. In order to file cases against counties, states or cities, you will need to get in touch with an experienced attorney. The statute of limitation time period against the municipal agencies and government officials is the shortest. Call us for your free case review before it is too late.

Yes, we do. A lot of cases that we handle involve minors under the age of 18. There are certain rules that are applied to the children cases. In addition, minor’s cases are also governed by special statutes of limitations. Call us immediately for your free initial consultation.

Unfortunately yes. Insurance companies are not interested in paying for claims. This is why we are here to get the maximum compensation you deserve.

You should first consult with our injury lawyers to make sure there is a third party (not your employer) to go after.  We will review your case for free and give you the best recommendations.