Jackknife Accidents

Jackknife Accidents And Legal Consequences

Jackknife accidents are a common thing when it comes to commercial trucks and related industry. Such accidents occur in case the cab of the truck is rotating away from the trailer and it all resembles a pocketknife closing or a jack knife. Such commercial truck accidents could be a result of unexpected braking, which causes the trailer that is loaded with cargo to skid out of control, jack knife into the cab or roll over entirely. In addition, this may be a result of the driver’s negligence which led to the trailer and the truck to swirl into an impossible to control skid. In addition, factors that may lead to such an accident could be speeding or unsafe driving. Finally, it can be poor conditions on the road that will make the accident happen.

Common factors, which may result in jackknifing accidents:

  • Negligent maintenance – in the event the company management or the truck driver himself will not maintain the truck in proper condition and will not perform special inspections. The equipment will begin to malfunction without proper maintenance, which creates a danger for the driver and people on the road around him.
  • Cargo overload – this may result in an unstable load that will lead to a rollover accident.
  • Elevated speed – the reaction of the truck driver will be much slower and the danger of getting into a severe crash will increase significantly.
  • Reckless and aggressive driving.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI).
  • Poor driving conditions, such as ice or snow – those could make the truck slide out of control and cause an accident.
  • Tired driver – such a factor could lead to a disastrous situation indeed. If the driver is sleepy and driving a huge commercial truck, it will obviously end up badly.
  • Impaired vision or driving through the night – it is difficult for the driver to establish what potential dangers on the road may be.

If you or perhaps your family members are victims of a jackknifing crash, it is very important to make sure that you are not losing any time and to contact an experienced and skillful lawyer as soon as possible. Hence, you will be able to rest assured that a professional Los Angeles commercial truck accident lawyer will do his very best to represent you in court and to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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