Los Angeles Train Accidents Attorney

Los Angeles Train Accidents Injury Attorney

los angeles train accident attorneysOur Los Angeles train accident attorneys specialize in recovering for our clients who are injury victims caused by negligence of a train or railroad operator. Our legal teams immediate intervention to preserve all evidence is important to the most successful case outcome

Like buses, trains provide a convenient, cost effective way for commuters to travel long distances. With almost forty passenger carriers, California’s state-supported system transports more than five million passengers every year. Unlike buses, however, trains travel at high speeds. When a train strikes another vehicle, the impact is often so great that the driver and passengers of the vehicle suffer debilitating permanent injuries. Train passengers are vulnerable, because their bodies continue to move inside the train car at the same high speed, unrestrained by seat belts, even after the train has crashed. People can fly forward through the windshield, striking other objects within the train car, suffering potentially fatal impact injuries.

Common Causes of Railroad Accidents

Although much has been done in the recent years to improve the safety of railroads and commuter trains, frequent causes of railroad accidents still include:

  • Defective traffic lights or signs
  • Negligent, tired or inexperienced train conductors
  • Unsafe road or railway conditions
  • Train mechanism defects

Financial Compensation for Your Injuries

No matter what caused your train accident, you deserve the maximum compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering. Call us today to see if we can help you recover money to pay for medical expenses, rehabilitation and lost wages. Trains and railroads are often regulated by public entities, giving you a shorter time period within which to file your claim.

Free Case Review From Top-Rated Attorneys

Time is of the essence! Let Los Angeles train accident attorneys at Injury Justice Law Firm help you and your family put your lives back on track, obtain payment for you medical bills, and pain and suffering compensation. Our top-rated attorneys will discuss your case facts with you, without cost to you and your family. We are paid only if we successfully resolve your case. No recovery, no fee!

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