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Talking to Insurance Company after a Motorcycle Accident

Posted by Inna Gorin | Feb 20, 2018

Immediately after a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles, you will need to deal with several issues right away. You will have to handle all the problems with law enforcement at the scene of your motorcycle accident, seek medical treatment for any injuries you may have suffered, and deal with the issue of missing time from your work during your recovery.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

All these issues can become overwhelming. As your expenses add up quickly, you will probably receive a phone call from the insurance company adjuster to discuss all the specific details of your motorcycle accident.

Whether the call is from your own insurance company or the other driver's insurance adjuster, you must be very careful with your statements.

Typically, the insurance adjuster will sound respectful and concerned regarding your injuries. However, it would help if you remembered their main goal is to get you to settle the claim as quickly as possible to avoid paying a fair and reasonable settlement amount.

Their primary concern is the insurance company's financial interests, of course, without considering your own physical and financial needs. Again, their top goal is to protect their bottom line. This means settling your injury case for the least amount possible.

Insurance company adjusters are specifically trained and typically experienced in asking questions to elicit specific answers to avoid liability.

Depending on the at-fault driver's insurance company and their plan on dealing with your injuries and losses, it's easy to find yourself frustrated by the aggressive nature of an insurance adjuster.

In motorcycle accident cases where you have suffered injuries, it's always best to have a skilled Los Angeles motorcycle accident injury lawyer communicate with the insurance company on your behalf from the beginning.

Suppose you have suffered an injury in a motorcycle accident due to another driver's negligence. In that case, you should contact a Los Angeles motorcycle accident injury attorney at Injury Justice Law Firm LLP. Our personal injury lawyers will need to review the facts and circumstances of your accident to determine your options for financial compensation. Let our law firm deal with the insurance company adjuster on your behalf.

Determining Fault and Insurance Companies

In California, comparative negligence will allow an insurance company to reduce the liability of the person who caused the accident due to the victim having partial responsibility for the accident. For example, an adjuster might attempt to claim you were driving over the speed limit or some other reason, all to claim you were at least partially negligent. 

Their questions could seem innocent, but the answers you give can quickly be taken out of context to accuse you of comparative fault. In some cases, damages and losses in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles County might run up to several hundred thousand dollars.

This means if the insurance company can assign a small percentage of victim fault, their saving could be substantial.

Therefore, when contacted by an insurance company, your must be very careful with what you say. This is not to suggest lying but to understand the various ways your answers could be interpreted. Accordingly, you need to consult with a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer at our law firm before offering any information to an insurance company.

Knowing How to Deal with Insurance Adjusters

If you decide to hire our motorcycle injury lawyers, we will speak to the insurance claims adjusters on your behalf.

This will allow you to focus on recovering from the accident. However, before this happens, you might find yourself in a position where you have to talk to the insurance adjuster.

Being careful with your answers can't be overstated. If you answer incorrectly or agree to accept an early settlement offer, you might forfeit your chance at filing a lawsuit entirely. As stated above, insurance adjusters know how to ask questions in a manner that could work out in their favor. Here are some essential tips to remember:

You don't have to answer any questions from opposing insurance adjusters – You are not under any obligation to speak to them at any time. Don't ever feel pressured into providing an answer. When asked about specific details of the motorcycle accident, you can tell them to review the police report. If they request a copy of your medical records, simply decline.

If they request permission to record a statement, politely decline the request. They might try to convince you it's just a normal process. You are not required by law to issue a recorded statement to the other driver's insurance provider.

Insurance adjusters will often claim it's necessary for the hope of getting you to say something that might work out to their advantage.

You can settle your injury claim with the help of our motorcycle accident attorneys or through your insurance provider. In some cases, ignoring aggressive adjusters might result in them continuing to call you. Sometimes, it's best to exchange a few words and let them know that you are handling the situation.

If you have already hired our law firm, give them our name and contact information and let them know all future communication between you and their insurance company should cease.

Never give a written statement without an attorney – You should never give written notice to the other party's insurance company.

You should also never give the at-fault insurance company medical releases without a lawyer. Why? The opposing insurance adjusters will typically attempt to find preexisting conditions or otherwise invade your privacy if given access to your medical records.

Some medical records are relevant, but many are not. Let our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers help you make that distinction after we can carefully review your documents.

Never sign a release without an attorney – If an opposing insurance company offers you money, you should NEVER accept their offer without first reviewing their bid with our motorcycle accident injury lawyers. If you accept a low settlement offer, you can't return later and ask for additional money. Our lawyers can help you determine whether to accept their offer and often negotiate for a higher amount if you are entitled.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney

If you have sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident, contacting an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer is always your best course of action.

Being involved in a severe accident can jeopardize your family's finances for many years. Suppose your accident was caused by negligence, reckless driving, carelessness, or you believe the insurance company settlement offer is unfair. In that case, you have a legal right to file an injury lawsuit against the wrongful party.

The skilled motorcycle injury attorneys at Injury Justice Law Firm LLP can help you communicate with the insurance company, review their settlement offers, and assist you in determining the best options for financial recovery after your accident.

Our lawyers will aggressively work to get you on the road to recovery. Call our law office at 310-734-7974 for a free case evaluation. We don't charge any fees unless we win your case.

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