Los Angeles Defective Products Lawyer

Los Angeles Defective Products Lawyer

defective products injury lawyer los angelesIf you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a defective product, that means that the manufacturer has breached their duty to provide you with a safe product. A defective product can be anything from a kitchen appliance to a vehicle part to a toy made from toxic materials. You need a professional Los Angeles defective products attorney to make sure you get compensation you deserve.

Categories of Defective Products

There are a few basic categories that are used to characterize defective products. The first is a manufacturing defect, in which something went wrong during the making of the product that made it dangerous. The second is a design defect, in which the way that the product was actually designed made it dangerous to use. The third type is marketing defect or failure to warn, in which the product has some dangers inherent in its usage but the company selling the product did not inform you of these dangers. The fourth type is when the product is misrepresented in advertisements or instructions about how the product should be used, thereby making the product more dangerous.

Defective Products Can Cause Life-Altering Injuries

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the injury, you or your loved one may very well be entitled to compensation that can hopefully lighten your suffering. In fact, you may be entitled to more than just compensation for the medical bills, including compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, lost earning capacity and future rehabilitation.

Obtaining Critical Evidence

A top-rated personal injury lawyer will have a team of experts, from medical experts to accident reconstruction experts, ready to investigate your case. These experts will talk to witnesses, examine the product itself and the design of the product, review reports, and conduct any investigation necessary.

Consult With An Attorney Immediately

As there are time limits as to how long you have to pursue any claims for damages, it is highly advised that you contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident occurred. Please feel free to contact our law firm at (818) 642-5229 or use online contact form at any time to request your free case review.

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